Barbara Kieffer Rowe
Black Hills Artist

Art inspired by the Black Hills of South Dakota

Barbara Kieffer Rowe


Barbara Kieffer Rowe

Art inspired by the Black Hills of South Dakota — its natural geology, paleontology, and majestic horses


The magic of the black hills

The opportunity to live in and experience the Black Hills of South Dakota builds my creative imagery — continuously beckoning and bestowing inspiration for interpretation. My paintings and sculptures are incited by ancient life forms and geological forces that shaped the Black Hills area throughout billions of years.


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MY JOURNEY all starteD…

As a child, I was visually intrigued by Black Hills rocks and geologic formations viewed on my trustworthy horse. Scattered rocks and fossils on my family’s ranch introduced me to fascinating colors, forms, and textures.

These childhood experiences led to advanced degrees in art, geology, and paleontology. My artwork integrates Black Hills beauty and ancient intrigue with innovative multimedia processes.